Picture of Michael Knott in the studio recording voice over narration. Mike is a narrator, announcer, voice actor with a deep baritone speaking and deep bass singing voice like Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, and a funny cartoon voice with his own recording studio.
Michael Knott

The Deep, Resonant Voice
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Michael Knott is a creative voice talent in Santa Rosa, California. He is an intelligent voiceover artist, commercial announcer and actor for television, radio,  audio, video, and tv commercials. He has a deep, resonant voice like James Earl Jones and a voice like Darth Vader.Santa Rosa, California. From my broadcast quality studio, I can send finished audio files directly to you in any format you need ... for those tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. You can count on me to capture your audience's attention and deliver a professional performance every time.

Emmy Award Nominated Narrator. I've recorded for the NFL, PBS, Korbel, The Mikado, Chevron, 7-11, Raley's, U.S. Air Force, Taco Bell, Oakland A's, Ford, Toyota, AT&T, KFTY Channel 50 in the North Bay and KPIX Channel 5 in San Francisco. Hey, why not you?

picture of Michael Knott in the recording studio, Michael Knott, known also as 1-800-the-voice, or 800-the-voice, or simply The Voice.
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picture of Michael Knott in the recording studio. TV anouncer, narrator, director and producer. He has a deep rich voice like James Earl Jones. Known as 1-800-the-voice, 800 the voice, or just the voiceMy Wicked Past: Successfully produced and directed over 2,000 commercials in California and across the country. Reported for CNN. Cast extras for Francis Ford Coppola. Performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Played guitar on the Disney Channel.

What others say:

"You've got the voice of God."
Don Pitts - Legendary Hollywood Agent

"That guy could put me out of business."
Peter Coyote - Actor/Narrator

"If I had your voice I would have been on the Supreme Court."
Martine Miller - Sonoma County Public Defender

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